Monday, June 1, 2009

Starting a New Month

Now is a great time to start a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't happen very often that the 1st is on a Monday. I've wiped the slate of past diet experiences and I'm ready to kick some butt. I completed my first workout with Mindy this morning at 6:00 a.m. and I think it will be a challenge. Balance is definitely a weakness of mine but I have a feeling it will improve after completing this program. I'm going to take my measurements today because the program promises results in 10 workouts. Check back in 2 weeks to see if I lose some serious inches and pounds.

Dave is off to a good start as well. Even though he could hardly move this morning, he still managed to completed Power 90's Cardio workout. Taking money from him may not be as easy as I think!

Tonight I'm going to be trying a new recipe for supper. It is a Walnut Chicken Stir Fry and it looks delicious. Lunch will be left-over chicken salad and I already had a spinach, mushroom, turkey sausage egg-white omelet. Yummy!!!

Weight Loss Reason #6- I would really like to take some pounds off so I have the confidence to start the new school year feeling energized and excited.


Mindy said...

I completely agree with you about the first of the month being on a Monday! It is like starting all over again! We are going to be able to do this - no problem!!! I weighed in today and did my measurements and am back on track with my eating again. In 10 workouts we will definitely see results!!

We just need to keep our positive attitudes and I know that you can lose the weight you want to! Maybe to help motivate you a little I will share a secret with you - and everyone else that is reading your blog!! LOL Anyway - since we first started doing the FIRM, today when I weighed myself I have lost 20 pounds!! I couldn't have done it without you so I am letting you know I am here for you!!! Let's get fabulous!!! :)

The Wades said...

Wow Amy, I just realized you started blogging again. I wish I had half as much determination as you. I would really like to at least start a work out program. The Y here has an aerobics class at 5:30 am. I really should do it, but I love my sleep (what little I get with the munchkins)! But, I think you're inspiring me! You're right about eating out in the sticks. Sometimes it's a good thing to be far away from real civilization!

Staab Boys said...

Funny, my mom follows the same monday on the 1st philosophy! She started over yesterday too.