Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad, Bad, Blogger

O.K., so this past weekend didn't go exactly as planned but it didn't go horribly either. Dave and I overslept on Saturday so we didn't make the 3K walk. I was a little bit bummed but we were exhausted and obviously our bodies thought we needed the rest. We had a great day on Saturday and had fun with our friends and family that night. I was very careful and counted my points all day. I had made sure to save my flex points during the week so I could have a few refreshments! Sunday was the Haag Family Picnic in Indianola and there was a ridiculous amount of food. I only took small portions of things that I really wanted. Again, I managed to stay in my point allotment that day.

On Monday, my mom, Jack, and I made the trip to Des Moines to see my Grandma Koscielak and Aunt Susan. I packed healthy sandwiches and low-fat Cheetos for lunch and then we stopped to eat in Lincoln for supper. My sister met us with her boyfriend's son Taylor and her dog Leo. Since Leo could not be left in the car we ate at a Dairy Queen which had an outdoor patio. What?!! You ate at a restaurant other than Subway?!! This is true. However, Dave gave me a freebie since I gave him a freebie on exercise the other day. Don't worry people. I had a grilled chicken salad without any dressing. That's about as healthy as it gets!

I did squeeze in my workout Monday morning before we left and I packed my Wave board and dvds to take to Des Moines. I plan on working out when Jack takes a nap this afternoon. I am taking my exercise program very seriously so there will be no skipping! Also, my grandmother is an excellent cook and she always makes healthy meals. My Aunt, however; has a little bit of a sweet tooth so staying at her house all week may be a little rough. So far so good. I have bi-passed the M&M's, cookies, and other yummy treats. I will be weighing in tomorrow on my Aunt's scale and it appears to coincide with my one at home. Stay tuned to see how I do...

Weight Loss Reason #18- I would like to have a perfect month of working out by not skipping any workouts.

Weight Loss Reason #19- I'm in the zone. There is no way I would have eaten a chicken salad at Dairy Queen if I wasn't!

Weight Loss Reason #20- Traveling is not an excuse for a free-for-all. You can make healthy choices on the road.

Weight Loss Reason #21- My 6th year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I really want to wear something sexy and beautiful on our date!