Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2nd Weigh In

I had a decent weight loss this week and lost 3.4 pounds bringing my grand total to 9 pounds lost overall. I was hoping to lose between 10-15 pounds by the end of June and it looks like I'm on my way!

Dave and I decided that we are going to amend our eating out rule and add a "Subway clause." This clause states that we will not be penalized for eating at any official Subway restaurant. I took advantage of this right away and had lunch there with my mom and Jack. It was delicious!

Tonight I made Spaghetti Pie and it was a very filling 7 points. Heidi and Tori came over for supper and loved it too! I love getting compliments on my cooking and I also enjoy telling them that what they ate was low-fat! You can eat healthy and not lose taste. Trust me!

Weight Loss Reason #15- A ten pound loss is just around the corner!


TiLynn said...

Keep rockin' it girl! I have to tell you...I ordered the Firm Wave thing you were talking about. I saw it on an infomercial and thought I'd try it. It's supposed to come tomorrow. Hopefully I can do it!! I'll let you know how it goes!