Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reinstating the "Bet"

I did o.k. at the BBQ but it definitely could have been better. Today was a great day of eating. We made blueberry pancakes with whole wheat flour for breakfast, cashew chicken salad for lunch, and pork ribs for supper. Yes, I said pork ribs. The great thing about weight watchers is all things in moderation!

Dave played volleyball in a tournament yesterday and he played sand volleyball today in McCook. All of the activity has got him realizing that he wants to get into better shape since he can hardly move right now. He told me tonight that he wants to reinstate our bet. For those of you who didn't follow my blog a couple of years ago here's the low down...

The first person to break one of the following 3 rules has to pay the other person $100 for each rule broken.

1. No eating out (This will be a lot easier this time around because I live in the sticks and I don't have a lot of options.)
2. Follow our exercise plan. (If you miss a day you pay the piper. Dave will be doing Power 90, poor chump and I'll be starting the "Wave" with Mindy tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. sharp.)
3. Eating within points. (Dave is lucky to be a dude because he gets more points a day then I do. This one will be a challenge.)

For the record, I totally crushed Dave the last time we did this. He quickly faltered on the eating out and the exercise followed close behind. Finally, he bombed on his daily points. I'm excited to be starting this bet again because it really did motivate us to get into great shape. Plus, I'm thinking of all the new clothes and pampering I can do to myself with 300 bones. You better be ready to bring it Dave-a-ho. :)

Feel free to post predictions on who will win.

Weight Loss Reason #5- $300 bucks is reason enough for me right now!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting Ready for a BBQ

So I've been eating really light today because tonight we're going to a BBQ. I went to a retirement reception with Jack this afternoon and there were so many different kinds of cupcakes and chocolates that I could have just said "see ya" to my diet. Instead I only had 1 carrot-cake cupcake. Delicious! My goal tonight at the BBQ is to only take items that I really want. Usually, I want to eat everything there is to offer but tonight I'm going to be more selective. Check back tomorrow to see how I did....

Amy Weight Loss Reason #4- I have sooo much more energy when I'm eating healthy and working out. The Wave Workout begins in 2 days!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I actually got all of my water in today but I did end up drinking 4 diet cokes. YIKES! Jack and I went to my mom's house to make cupcakes for a retirement party tomorrow. We made them all afternoon and I only had one. I call that a victory because they were the good kind with the hostess-like inside and homemade frosting! My mom was a sweetie and made a WW friendly lunch and Dave made jiffy burgers with lean meat. So it wasn't the meal plan I blogged yesterday but it still was healthy and kept me within points. Tomorrow is a big BBQ at Mindy's so I will definitely have my work cut out for me! Later...

Weight Loss Reason #3- Jack will be 3 in about a week so there is no more excuse as to why I'm still carrying "baby weight."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting my Head Straight

O.K., so I could lie and tell you all that I ate wonderfully but to be honest it just didn't happen. My brother Jake is back on leave from Iraq and my mom had us over for Rib Eye steaks, cheesy potatoes, and pasta salad. Why does my mom have to be such a good cook? I will say that I did drink more water than normal and I bi-passed the beers tonight. I definitely could have practiced portion control.

On a positive note, Dave and I got groceries tonight and I stalked up on fresh veggies, fruit, and lean meats. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up early to make turkey sausage sandwiches and we will be having a healthy version of chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Dinner will be a stir fry loaded with lean meat, broccoli, and mushrooms.

My new workout DVD came in the mail and I had a chance to glance over it. I am going to try the first workout tomorrow to gear up for when Mindy and I start on Monday. That way I can ease into it and get the balance thing figured out so all of my bones remain unbroken. I also took a look at the meal plan but I'm not thinking it will be a good idea for me at this point in time. The first week is a detox- no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or refined carbs. I've learned from past diets that drastically eliminating things always backfires. I can easily give up sugar and alcohol but carbs and caffeine would send me into a downward spiral. I'm just too addicted to diet coke. However, I do have a goal of only consuming 2 diet cokes tomorrow and the rest of my fluids will be water. Check back tomorrow to see if I meet that goal.

Weight Loss Reason #2- I saw my mom's friend Anita tonight who has recently lost A LOT of weight. She looks fabulous and is practically radiating. I want that feeling!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Starting Over

So once again, I begin my weight loss journey. I can honestly say this last year has been rather crazy. We moved, I started a new job, thought about getting another job, and overall have just been in a state of limbo. Dave and I made the decision to stick it out here in good old Palisade and so I've decided it's time to start and finish this weight problem once and for all. There will be no more excuses. I am now fortunate to have the entire summer off and I'm going to make the most of it.

Summer is a great time to get active. There will be walks in the park, dips in the pool, and a lot of running around after my soon-to-be 3 year old. Another thing I love about summer is all of the fresh produce available. Fortunately for me, my husband planted a bunch of yummy things in our yard and my mother and mother-in-law are both very generous about sharing all the wonderful goodies in their awesome gardens.

So here is my plan of action....

1. Every week I'm going to make a grocery list and Jack and I will head to McCook to stock up on good things to eat. I've raved before about how wonderful my Light and Tasty cookbook is and so I'm going to be dusting it off and putting it to good use. I've also decided that every week I will post my meal plan and if you see something you like, I would be happy to e-mail you recipe in it's entirety.

2. My buddy Mindy and I did really well a couple weeks ago about dragging our butts out of bed at 5:45 a.m. to do our FIRM workout. We seriously kicked butt but kind of let it go to the wayside when school was winding down. We loved the workout so much that we both decided to order another one and this one may kick our butts (or hopefully shrink them.) Just google the FIRM Wave and see how insane we truly are!

3. The final piece of the weight loss puzzle is accountability. I will be weighing in every week so that you, my loyal blog readers can see how I'm doing. I've done well in the past when I've had to report my progress and I will do it again.

My overall goal is going to be 55 pounds and it's going to be tough but I can do it! To prove my dedication, I will once again post a weight loss goal every day. Please keep checking on me because I love to hear from you!!!

Weight Loss Reason #1- My unhealthy lifestyle is really starting to take it's toll. I'm lethargic, grouchy, and have horrible joint pain because I'm carrying so much extra weight. Losing those extra pounds will definitely make a difference!!!