Monday, June 8, 2009

Piece of Cake

Yesterday was our big family picnic for Jack's 3rd birthday and once again I forgot to blog! The weather wasn't the best but we had fun anyway! Everyone brought a bunch of great side items and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. I was pretty proud of myself because I only had one plate of food. This was pretty hard to do because there were so many yummy dishes that I wanted to sample but I decided to skip them. I also bi-passed the cake and ice cream which was extremely difficult.

Later in the day, we made a trip to McCook so Dave could play volleyball and I ended up having a left-over grilled pork chop and salad at my mom's. When we got back into town we stopped by Dave's parent's house and everyone had more cake and ice cream. Once again, I skipped the cake but it was a lot harder to do the second time around! I can safely say that I stayed within points today! Dave on the other hand, came really close to paying me $100. Fortunately, he had all of his flex points saved up and had some exercise points from playing volleyball. I'll just keep waiting patiently because I know I'll get him eventually!

Weight Loss Reason #12- It feels awesome to make good food choices during difficult eating situations.

Weight Loss Reason #13- I have several summer shirts that I really want to wear. My goal is to be in them by the end of the month!


Dax and Ian said...

Wow Amy!! You passed up cake and ice cream two times??? You're my hero!