Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting my Head Straight

O.K., so I could lie and tell you all that I ate wonderfully but to be honest it just didn't happen. My brother Jake is back on leave from Iraq and my mom had us over for Rib Eye steaks, cheesy potatoes, and pasta salad. Why does my mom have to be such a good cook? I will say that I did drink more water than normal and I bi-passed the beers tonight. I definitely could have practiced portion control.

On a positive note, Dave and I got groceries tonight and I stalked up on fresh veggies, fruit, and lean meats. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up early to make turkey sausage sandwiches and we will be having a healthy version of chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Dinner will be a stir fry loaded with lean meat, broccoli, and mushrooms.

My new workout DVD came in the mail and I had a chance to glance over it. I am going to try the first workout tomorrow to gear up for when Mindy and I start on Monday. That way I can ease into it and get the balance thing figured out so all of my bones remain unbroken. I also took a look at the meal plan but I'm not thinking it will be a good idea for me at this point in time. The first week is a detox- no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or refined carbs. I've learned from past diets that drastically eliminating things always backfires. I can easily give up sugar and alcohol but carbs and caffeine would send me into a downward spiral. I'm just too addicted to diet coke. However, I do have a goal of only consuming 2 diet cokes tomorrow and the rest of my fluids will be water. Check back tomorrow to see if I meet that goal.

Weight Loss Reason #2- I saw my mom's friend Anita tonight who has recently lost A LOT of weight. She looks fabulous and is practically radiating. I want that feeling!


Staab Boys said...

Remember to play games to help you through.. ie. no pop until ALL of your water has been consumed for the day. I gave that advice to a co worker who was struggling a few weeks ago... she called me a wizard as she was down 3.4 that week. That was the only change she made from what she had been doing.
Wish I was a wizard... I'd be down a lot more. I'm finding it hard to by pass the beer...went too long without!! Shouldn't that prove that I don't need it?? Guess I just enjoy a couple on the porch on a warm night!
Remember too, only make changes you can live with. If you don't eat in a way you can continue after you reach goal... bad things happen.
Okay that is all I have for now. ttyl

Dave Ja Vu said...

Thanks for the advice chica. That's why you are the WW master! I've been doing o.k. staying away from beer, it's the picnic/BBQ items that are killing me right now! Let's both do this together!